Seafood Restaurant

At Putrajaya Seafood Restaurant, we are extremely fussy when it comes to what we serve our customers.


Our award winning chefs will only pick the finest and freshest produce just to satisfy your craving for great seafood in the cuisine of your choice.


Whether you like your fish grilled, sautéed, deviled, poached or fried, we strive to ensure a satisfying dining experience.


Even better, the restaurant overlooks the man made lake in Taman Botani which makes it an even more rewarding experience.


We also cater for various events.

Taman Botani Putrajaya

Precinct 1, 62000 Putrajaya


Contact us for reservation/details :

Tel : +603 8889 1188


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Putrajaya Catering Services, Putrajaya International Convention Centre, Precinct 5, 62000 Putrajaya, Malaysia.

Tel: 03-8887 6000 Fax: 03-8887 6499