To be the market leader in the catering and services industry.


  • To consistently deliver top notch quality service on par with international standards and creatively come up with unique food concepts.

  • To build a long term relationship with customer and forge brand loyalty.


  • Maximize company’s value for the stakeholders.

  • To diversify, and expand its business concepts in the F&B industry and to be recognized as a major player in the industry.

  • To create lucrative and viable business locally in order to expand business outside Malaysia.



A team is only as good as its individuals players, so the saying goes.

At Co-X, we have assembled the crème de la creamè to manage our various kitchens.

Each of our chefs are masters of a particular cuisine and with years of experience under their belt, coupled with a few awards, our kitchen runs like a well oiled machine to ensure customers are provided with the best gastronomic experience.

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Member of :

Putrajaya Catering Services, Putrajaya International Convention Centre, Precinct 5, 62000 Putrajaya, Malaysia.

Tel: 03-8887 6000 Fax: 03-8887 6499